Unique Patented Products of KSAB

Unique Patented Products of KSAB

KSAB GOLF EQUIPMENT AB have been around since the 80´s and some of our staff has been with us since the start. We are the largest supplier of golf course equipment in Sweden while constantly broadening our business. Our unique and patented products are exported all over the world through a network of distributors. We value long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and distributors.

KSAB doesn´t only provide golf courses with equipment. We also install artificial turf, safety nets and irrigation to golf courses as well as football arenas, parks and recreation and others. 

Dan is our export sales manager and also one of 4 owners (since 1998) of the company. Contact Dan if you would like to discuss a business proposal, if you would like a visit from us or, if you would like to come to visit us. 


If you have general enquries or would like to put an order down feel free to contact the office inVästerås where I (Elin) will help you.



DUO SPREADER AND WAGON. The DUO Spreader is now upgraded to spread both fertilizer granules, seeds and fine top dressing sand. Switch purpose in 5 minutes just by using a screwdriver. The container holds 35 litres/8 gallons.
The DUO Spreader still has the best documented dispersal pattern of all spreaders, thanks to the patented dual disc. The parking wheel makes the spreader roll steady and always at the same horizontal angle, unaffected by the height of the user. 
Made of stainless steel and plastic parts only.

Benefits of our Spreader are:

  • easy to calibrate with new calibration key
  • ergonomic
  • two plates that will spread your fertilizer broader and more even and can be regulated individually
  • Very accurate dosage
  • Easily attached to the wagon

To make your DUO last for longer you can easily and safely transport it on the appropriate wagon. The spreader is as easy to fix firmly as to disengage from the wagon. Fits standard vehicle ball couplings. 

The wagon

  • is custom made for the DUO-spreader
  • has real wheels for improved stability
  • is a newly developed edition


INSTEAD OF RUNNING AROUND THE COURSE, WASTING TIME IN SEARCH FOR DISTANCE MARKERS this Antenna fairway marker with a "tassle" is highly visible from far and will not be damaged by or damage the cylinder mover.

Colors: Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow and White. 


OLDIE BUT GOLDIE. An original KSAB product from 1996, the Golden rake. The bent shaft keeps the handle clean at all times and is easy to grab.
You know you have a great product when copied by many others. We still believe we have the best quality at a very competitive price.


ON THE DRIVING RANGEthere are a lot of obstacles and flag sticks to drive around when collecting your balls. KSAB thought we make it a bit easier for you...

With the bendable Flex-stick you will no longer have to drive around the flag, you just drive over it which means that you easily can collect all your balls with your picker, not having to leave the ones closest to the flag stick or collect them manually. The flag fits tightly to the stick with its velcro attachment.

See the different colours of the Flex-Flag here>>


DUE TO ITS 6 SILVER COATED PRISMS this KSAB patented reflector is highly accurate no matter what your angle is. The Quick release reflector  has a snap off and snap on function that also makes change of flags easier. Fits all standard flag sticks.

NO MORE STOPPING TO UNSCREW THE TOP ACORN NUT. No more losing top nuts on the green, risking to damage the mover.
With KSAB´s Quick locking pin you make the change of flags easy and fast. This is due to the smart and easy to use snap off and snap on function. 
The product comes in two parts and has one easy replaceble plastic top part that makes it easy to change the flag without any screwing. 


KSAB TAKES PRIDE IN BEING AN ACTIVE supplier of new ideas and products within golf course equipment. Sometimes the ideas derive from customers needing to solve a problem, but being all golf nerds here at KSAB, we are even more likely to wake up in the middle of the night with a bright idea ourselves. The products you see here are all KSAB patents.  

Another famous product developed by by KSAB is the HIO Holecutter, now a Par Aide product.

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Bag Shag Original bollplockare golfbollar, KSAB Golf
Bollplockare Bagshag original
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Rutig nylonflagga, tubflagga för golfen, KSAB Golf
Rutig tubflagga i nylon (Svart/vit)
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ST2000 hålkopp Standard Golf, KSAB Golf
Hålkopp ST2000 (Aluminium)
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Hålkoppslock, KSAB Golf
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